KETTWIESEL Handbike − 2020

The comfort begins with the gear system. The Shimano Nexus Inter-8 Premium gives you eight gears to choose from, neatly tucked away in the hub. Plenty high-tech for everyday use. Easy gear shifting with a twist of the wrist, low maintenance and user-friendly. You can concentrate solely riding fun. Equiped with: frame foldable seat height 34” (48 cm) - 8-speed Nexus gear hub twist shifter - Mountaindrive - differential - 7005 aluminum frame+fork - stainless-steel Sapim spokes - aluminum, double-walled rims black - Schwalbe Big Apple tires - front Marathon - handcranks 174mm - coupled brakes, right lever actuates hydraulic brakes on rear wheels -left lever, mechanical brake on front wheel - SKS fenders matte black - lighting system: headlight: Herrmans Black MR8 50 LUX / B&M Toplight 2C plus + Shutter hub dynamo